iOS and Android App Marketing

One of the fastest growing industries is app programming for both the iOS and the Android platforms. These applications, which are sold for as little as $0.99, often cost only a few thousand dollars to create and have earned millions for companies like Rovio and Chillingo.

While iPhone apps are arguably their own viral marketing (where those that download the program convince others to do the same, thus improving their purchase rate and visibility in the app store), convincing others to buy these apps in the first place can be difficult.

Consider for a moment how many downloads it takes to even appear in the top 25. According to mobile analytics firm Distimo, for a paid app you’ll need between 400 and 3,500 PER DAY to appear in the top rankings (depending on category). For a free app, the numbers are even higher – between 3,000 and 38,000 PER DAY.

With iPhone and Android App SEO content marketing you can start making an impression now so that when your app launches it reaches as many people as possible.

Online Marketing for iPhone Apps and Android Apps

People frequently search for advice on which apps to purchase. Rather than trust the app store review system, potential customers search online for information related to the type of app, especially as it compares to other apps. By employing various content marketing techniques, you can create a presence for your app that increases its purchase rate.

There are dozens of online marketing techniques that work. Just a few examples of effective content marketing for apps includes:

  • You can create a review site filled with content that markets your app first.
  • You can rank your website well for keywords related to your app’s search terms.
  • You can guest post on related sites to drum up interest in your product.

Investing in online content represents just a fraction of the potential gains that your company can make if they’re able to successfully market their app to those that need it. iPhone apps (and Android Apps) may do a good job marketing themselves, but they can only take off if you find enough people to download your apps in the first place. Investing in this type of marketing is easily one of the best ways to make a name for yourself in the industry, and something more and more app developers consider now that the application industry has become so cutthroat.

Let us show you what iOS and Android App SEO content marketing can do for your company. To learn more contact us now.

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