Yoga Studio SEO Content

Yoga studios do a lot of marketing to get ahead. From Groupons to newspaper ads, yoga studios are constantly fighting other yoga studios for students. But, as a result many of these first time students only attend as a response to the discount they receive rather than because they are truly interested in Yoga.

The money your company loses with each Groupon, Living Social, or other advertising method is gone forever. Sure, you may find one or two full time students that will stick around for a few months, but that’s nothing compared to the regular students you’ll lose because your once friendly yoga studio is being flooded by fickle students that are only there for the discount.

Gain Year-Round Exposure with Yoga Content Marketing

If you want to be successful over the long term, you need to find a way to get your yoga studio noticed that doesn’t also require you to give potential students obscene discounts they are likely to abuse. Your best bet is to create a website filled with keyword-rich content to show up high in search engines and get your studio noticed by the growing percentage of the population that uses the Internet to find local businesses.

It’s not enough to simply create a website and hope it gets visitors. You need Yoga web content that is search engine optimized for the search terms most relevant to your ideal students. Search engines want to see content – they want to see that you have a website with depth.

Great Leap Studios specializes in content development and marketing with the end goal of appearing higher in search engines. We will generate pages of 100% unique content that’s certain to move your website higher in the search engines, helping you generate regular clients through Google, Yahoo, and more. And the best part? You never need to give them a massive discount to attract new customers, hoping they stick around.

Great Leap Studios Offers Yoga Content Marketing Services to Fit Your Needs

When you partner with Great Leap Studios for your website’s needs, we use the following proven SEO content techniques to boost your ranking in search engines:

  • We create pages and pages of content optimized for your location and practice
  • We generate incoming links from article directories and other locations
  • We optimizing your website so that it shows up higher in search engines

We’ll use time tested, proven methods of improving your website’s ranking to get you thousands of new leads – all potential clients – that will help your yoga studio thrive.

It doesn’t matter what type of yoga you practice. We can help you with your yoga content writing needs, whether your studio specializes in:

  • Hot Yoga (Bikram Yoga)
  • Power Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga

As well as other specialties like Hatha, Kripalu, Sivananda and more. Yoga is one of the hottest search terms online today, yet few yoga studios have taken advantage of the immense value of search engine marketing. Contact us today to learn more, and let us show you what Yoga SEO content marketing can do for your company.

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