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Despite the struggling economy, antiques are still very popular. People love going into antique stores and looking for treasures that can become part of their collections forever.

But unfortunately, many antique stores use antique marketing methods. Most use handouts, direct mail, and more – with very few moving online, where most potential clients search for your business.

Antique Store and Antique Mall SEO

If you own an antique store of any kind, you need to strongly consider branding your antique store online – creating a website, and making sure that website is ready for search engines and for visitors. By making sure your website ranks well online, you can attract clients not only from your city, but from anyone passing through your area.

How Antique SEO Works

SEO for antique stores involves trying to target important local keywords and making sure that you are developing content that attracts readers and builds relationships.

For example:

  • Blog Posts – The best place to start is by setting up a blog and creating blog posts that are useful for potential customers. Some will be helpful articles (eg “How to Verify a Snuff Bottle is Genuine”), some will be on your products (eg. “Product of the Day: Vintage Disney See and Say.”), some will be commonly asked questions, and more.
  • Helpful Information – It’s also a good idea to create a website that has helpful information for readers. For example, you can discuss the best way to start a new collection, or the differences in cups and saucers depending on era.
  • Location Pages – You’ll also want to have pages that target specific locations and keywords. This way you show up for location searches in search engines and those looking for antique stores know where you are.

All of these pieces of content help brand you as an expert, have you show up in local searches, and help you build relationships with your customers and potential customers.

Invest in Antique Store Marketing and SEO

These days, there is no such thing as a business that shouldn’t be online, and the return on investment on antique store branding online is higher than in any other industry.

Contact us at Great Leap Studios today at (347) 460-5492, or email us using the form below. Let’s discuss your antique store website and what we can do to make sure you draw in a lot more potential business.

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