Ongoing Case Study: One Time Content Value

Ongoing Case Study: One Time Content Value

Ongoing Case Study: One Time Content Value 150 150 Great Leap Studios

Recently we completed a project for a life coach in Canada. His website was not receiving very many hits despite employing an SEO company for a few years, and he was looking for something new. We did a little analysis and found that his website only had 7 pages total, and we discussed the idea of adding content to improve his visibility in search engines.

This project was completed only a short time ago. Content marketing is not an overnight process, and the total project size was small. Our goal was only to add about 20 pages, focusing on locations and services. It is not a complete overhaul, and did not require a significant investment. We even left the homepage and main pages the same as per the clients requests. Here are the cursory results of the past two weeks:

  • All 20 pages are listed in Google and most (at least 13) show up within the first four pages.
  • Specific keywords that the life coach already ranked well for now have specific landing pages.
  • The site itself has moved up in search rankings for primary keywords by 5 spots in less than 2 weeks

Within two weeks time with nothing else completed, the website already has considerably more visibility in search engines, as well as more targeted content and better landing pages to work with later. It even ranks on the front page for keywords that it never ranked for in the past.

We’ll keep you updated and try to provide you with visitor numbers and overall growth within the next few weeks. But for now, consider this a very brief and basic reminder about content marketing and its value.