How to Compete with Amazon in eCommerce

Amazon is essentially destroying other eCommerce companies, showing up first in almost every search for every type of product. In a way, they’re becoming a monopoly – one that is becoming such a force that some experts believe Google itself may struggle as a result of Amazon’s tremendous power, simply because Google makes money on ads that will grow obsolete if people simply choose to use Amazon instead.

Those that are trying to open up an eCommerce company are going to find competing with Amazon difficult, and indeed, no one can guarantee success against the eCommerce giant. But for those that do want to compete, there are tools that you can use to get more attention to your products and website.

Tips to Compete With Amazon

  • Add Lots of Content – The goal is to get visitors that may be interested in your products by any means necessary. You may not be able to do this by simply advertising a product, but you can do this by offering information that those interested in your products would seek. For example, if your eCommerce company offers digital cameras, creating many resources with information on digital cameras can help those interested in learning about these products get to your website, and from there you can try to goad them into a purchase. There are many ways to attract people to a website beyond product searches.
  • Create a Community/Forum – Creating a forum isn’t as easy as it sounds, but if you can get it popular and off the ground, you’ll have people coming back to your site regularly in an effort to discuss topics with other like-minded people. From there, you can hope that those people will also buy from your site, because they spend more time on there than they do on Amazon’s website. You’ll also have an opportunity to advertise products to others.
  • Add Product Descriptions with Details – Finally, long and well written unique product descriptions are crucial. The key words here are “long” and “unique.” It’s not good enough to cut and paste from the manufacturer’s description, nor is a short blurb likely to improve your search engine rank. Product descriptions in bulk can be a large financial commitment that is not write for every company, but they do have the ability to attract more buyers.

Depending on the industry, it’s unclear if this will be enough, but this is how you start. Amazon is a large, powerful, and arguably valuable company. There’s a reason that people use it for their product purchases. But that doesn’t mean you can’t compete as well, and there are ways, like those listed above, to give yourself a fighting chance.


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