For Pest Control Companies – the Time is Now

For Pest Control Companies – the Time is Now

For Pest Control Companies – the Time is Now 150 150 Great Leap Studios

Effective search engine marketing is about anticipation. You don’t want your company to just be catching up all the time. You want to strike before other companies, so that when your services are in high demand you’re already leading in local search.

For a lot of companies, that’s easier said than done. But for pest control companies, especially those on the west coast, there’s a chance for you to lead the charge on a scourge that is likely to reach your local area in no time:

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are spreading across the United States, reaching areas they haven’t reached in decades. Pest control companies are now in popular demand, and the ones that show up in search right now are the ones that are getting all of that business.

Even if bed bugs haven’t reached your area yet, now is the best time to try to rank for all of the local search keywords, in the event that they do manage to come to your city/neighborhood. In addition, you can and should still work on marketing your other services as well, growing your business and improving your revenue.

You can wait to market your services until you’re playing catch up to all of the other pest control companies, or you can become the leader in your local area right now, and be the first contact of potential customers if/when these pests hit.

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