1 Billion for Gangnam Style – This Author’s Pointless Quest to Be the 1 Billionth View


Today I embark on a soon to be short lived, mathematically and realistically impossible journey to become the one billionth view of Psy’s Gangnam style YouTube video. As of today, I am number 971,518,818. Only 28,481,182 to go before Gangnam style reaches an unheard of billionth view.

Gangnam Style 1 Billion Views Quest Part 1

For content writers and marketers, the 1 billionth view represents an incredible milestone. It’s unlikely that any piece of content in the history of the world has received anywhere near 1 billion views total, let alone in as short a time as Gangnam Style appears to have accrued it.

I want to be number 1 billion. I’m going to visit the Gangnam Style Youtube Video every day, sometimes several times a day, with the hopes of becoming the person that ultimately ends up helping Psy reach the 10 digit mark.

There is a lot standing in my way:

  • Gangnam Style receives more than a thousand views per second.
  • I am not actually going to try very hard to do this.
  • YouTube doesn’t update its view count with each view.

But despite these challenges, I embark on my quest to reach a few seconds of Internet fame, and be part of an important milestone that will ultimately mean nothing for me or anyone else, but will undoubtedly receive hours upon hours of news reports that talk down to those that padded the view count.

Check back for updates as I continue on this half-hearted journey, and let’s reach a billion views of an otherwise ridiculous YouTube video together.

UPDATE 1: 8:33 PM

It appears that we’ve already hit a snag. It has been several hours since I last posted, and YouTube’s view count is still frozen at 971,518,818. Either this is a conspiracy of the highest order, or YouTube’s view count doesn’t update as frequently as it should. Nevertheless, I will continue my quest forward. No irritating but probably understandable coding will keep me from reaching my goal.

Gangnam Style 1 Billion Views Quest Part 2

UPDATE 2: 10:05 AM on 12/19/2012

Progress! As of this morning, Gangnam Style has edged up an amazing 12,000,000 views, and is now at 983,876,959. It appears that YouTube’s quest to stall me in the hopes that I give up on this journey has been foiled… for now. The 12 million increase in views would lead one to believe that Gangnam Style will reach a billion views on the day of the Mayan end of the world. Coincidence? Yes.

However, one shouldn’t ignore the very strong possibility that news reports over the Gangnam Style billion view mark drives up the final numbers both today and tomorrow, possibly leading to a billion views being reached tomorrow evening. I will check periodically throughout the day to see if the view count has edged any closer.

Gangnam Style 1 Billion Views Quest Part 3

UPDATE 3: 4:59 PM on 12/19/2012

We only have one life to live. Each moment that passes is a moment we will never see again. Are you satisfied with how you spent that moment? Was that moment helping you on your path of life fulfillment? Or did you let it run away from you, reading something you found on the Internet that one time by someone you’ve never met.

We all have our journeys, our quests. We all have a purpose. We all have a need for fulfillment. Some dedicate their time helping those in need. Others focus on success, and creating a dynasty for themselves that will continue long after they’ve left this world. And some make screenshots of a video from South Korea that is about to reach an internet milestone. I think we can all agree that there are those that spend their time more wisely than others.

Gangnam Style 1 Billion Views Quest Part 4

UPDATE 4: 11:36 PM on 12/19/2012

Only 3 million more views. I have little to say on this update, so rather than fill you in on my journey, here is a story written by a 9 year old:

Once upon a time there was a turtle named shell.

He was walking slowly to the road. When he was walking a bunny comes and says that he is better than him the turtle was annoyed by bunny.  Shell said can you stop saying that in a mad voice that really bothers me said shell. Bunny said I will stop if we have a race. A race said shell you are not going to win so I am in said Shell. Bunny said it is good that you won’t give up but, I’m going to win. They were so mad that the race was on. Shell was warming up while Bunny was eating carrots. Ding the bell ring it was time for the race Bunny thought he was so good that he was taking tiny steps but Shell was running but he was still behind. Bunny said that the carrots made him a little chunky and he got tired so he went to a tall tree and took a nap and thought he was still going to win the race because Shell was slow. He took a nap so long that turtle was almost there when he woke up turtle was almost there so he started hoping as fast as he could and the bunny won sike the turtle won and Bunny never talk to Shell again.

The End

Gangnam Style 1 Billion Views Quest Part 5


UPDATE 5: 10:34 AM on 12/20/2012

The mission continues forward as we get closer to our destination. As of this writing, we’re at 991,421,889.  Less than 9 million to go before reaching that epic and ultimately meaningless milestone. Since it’s likely that hits are going to explode sometime in the evening, the billion view mark is likely to be reached by the end of the day. Will check back on occasion and update on progress.

Gangnam Style 1 Billion Views Quest Part 6


UPDATE 6: 11:41 PM on 12/20/2012

Well we’re nearing the conclusion of our journey together, but the hardest part is yet to come. First, the world might end in 19 minutes, in which case it may be hard to post since my computer will be on fire. But it also looks like Gangnam Style may reach the billion views point at roughly 3 or 5 in the morning at this current pace, and since this is mostly a joke there is pretty much no way I am staying up the hard work is taking its toll on my body.

But fear not. With 997,228,920 views already, it may be possible to reach the 1,000,000,000 milestone if all 2.7 million people that are following this content open the link within the next few minutes. So go forth, my minions… Fly.

Gangnam Style 1 Billion Views Quest Part 7


UPDATE 7: Some Time on 12/21/2012

WE DID IT! Thanks for sticking with me this entire time. Here at Great Leap Studios, we didn’t oversleep – we become the 1,000,000,000th YouTube hit for Gangnam Style, as evidenced by the obviously not photoshopped image below.

With its 1,000,000,000th hit comes a new era – an era where businesses with little idea how the internet works expect some video production company somewhere to get at least a million views per video because “some Korean song managed to get over a billion.” So congratulations, videographers – you’re about to get a host of unrealistic requests for the next several years.

In the meantime, don’t forget to contact us about your content writing needs, and bookmark our blog for more posts about milestones that are largely irrelevant to the theme of this website.

Gangnam Style 1 Billion Views Quest FINAL



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