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Picture this: a parent is looking for a child care service. They have taken a few recommendations from friends, but they’re looking online to see if there is anyone available. They search for “Child Care in LOCATION.”

You happen to run a day care service, and so this parent represents a potential new customer.

  • Is the parent going to find you for key search terms?
  • If they do find you, are they going to be able to find more about you?
  • If you already have a website, are they going to see that you’re someone to trust?

There are a lot of daycare services and almost every child needs them, but there are very few day care websites, and the websites that do exist are usually barren of information. If a parent can’t find you online, how are they going to find your business? And if they can find you online but you have very little information or content, why would they choose you?

That is the basis of child care SEO, or – to be more specific – child care content marketing. It’s about creating a website and then adding content (writing) to that website so that if a parent finds you they say to themselves: “aha, this is a person that knows what they’re talking about” and they give you a call.

Great Leap Studios Day Care SEO/Content Marketing Services

That is what we do at Great Leap Studios. We write content, and we use that content to help you market your website in search engines and develop trust with anyone that visits your website. If you showed up on the front page of Google, and parents that clicked on your website saw pages of valuable, useful content that shows them you know what you’re talking about, you’re going to get more clients. If you have no website, or a website with only a few poorly written pages, parents are going to be turned off – if they find your website at all.

At Great Leap Studios, we write content and market websites. Let us handle your online marketing for you. We’ll write pages that prove expertise to parents, including:

  • Main Pages – Parents will be able to find out about all of your services, who you are, your values and beliefs, and more.
  • Blog Posts – A regularly updating blog with information for parents is a great way to show that you know your stuff.
  • Informative Posts/News – Anything that helps show parents that you’re an expert at child care will help you find more clients, and grow your daycare business into something much larger.

There is no such thing as a business that doesn’t need a website, and there is no website that cannot benefit from more pages of information to help show up in search engines and create the the appearance of expertise. If you’re a daycare owner and you’ve thought about online marketing your childcare services, contact Great Leap Studios today at 347-460-5492. We’re happy to explain to you why content is so important and what we can do for your online marketing needs.

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