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In 2014, Great Leap Studios made the move to Folsom, California – a growing city next to Sacramento. Our hope is to connect to one of the most underrated communities in the state, providing our content marketing and content writing services to businesses both small and large hoping to make an impact in the online marketing world.

Why Great Leap Studios?

As one of the newest Folsom SEO companies, we know that online branding can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Most SEO companies use a variety of cheap tools to try to improve the rank of your website in search engines like Google and Bing, and often these tools fail to provide the benefits they promised.

At Great Leap Studios, we use only content marketing – the only Google approved form of SEO – to help your website show up in search engine results. Content marketing is the act of adding words to your website to make it more informative. Search engine algorithms use content to figure out what your website is about, whether it’s useful, and if it should rank well for searches. Examples of content includes:

  • Website Pages (Home Page, About Page, etc.)
  • Blog Posts
  • Location and Service Pages
  • Informative Articles
  • eBooks and More

Content is the only method of online marketing that is endorsed by search engines, and the best way to ensure that your website is able to compete in today’s increasingly online world.

Additional Benefits of Content Writing and Marketing

Content also has value beyond simply getting more hits. Imagine you are a customer in need of a service, and someone provides you with your business’s website. If that customer goes online and finds that your website is filled with depth, well written, and loaded with information that they need, they will quickly become more likely to use your company.

Content is the only form of marketing that improves sales in addition to improving hits, and as a company that hopes to generate long term revenue, adding content is one of the best investments you can make.

Contact Great Leap Studios Today

Great Leap Studios wants to become Folsom’s number one SEO and content writing company, and we’re happy to talk to you more about what we do and why it’s beneficial for your business. Contact us today at 347-460-5492, or fill out our form to learn more about our services.

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