Lawyers and Legal Content

Lawyers often use a lead-based business model, paying thousands of dollars for targeted leads to help them find new clients. Yet your law firm doesn’t need to pay other people to find leads for you. If you invest in content marketing for lawyers and law firms, you can achieve a steady stream of new cases and new clients, all for free.

Introduction to Attorney SEO Content Marketing

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a method of online marketing that allows you to achieve a high ranking for key search terms in Google and other search engines. Your potential clients search for lawyers just like you every day, hoping to find an attorney that can defend them or win their case. Increasingly, it is with content that you can best compete against other attorneys in the search listings.

Every time someone performs a search for something your law firm handles, you want to show up first. That is how search engine optimization can help you.

How Great Leap Studios Will Help You Find New Clients

There are many different ways that SEO content marketing can help your law firm. The following list represents just a few of the ways we can market for you:

  • We can help you build your law firm’s website and fill it with content that will highlight your expertise while targeting important keywords that will bring you long term business.
  • We can create an informational website about different types of legal services (explaining how they work and how someone can benefit from them) or about an issue that relates to the need for representation (such as an informational website about medical malpractice or employer negligence).

We have the tools necessary to supply you with the SEO and content writing you need to rank highly in search engines so that you can become one of the leading attorneys in your type of practice. Contact Great Leap Studios today to learn more about our lawyer content marketing services and find out how we can help your law firm get noticed by search engines.

Contact us today to learn more, and let us show you what SEO content marketing for lawyers and law firms can do for your firm. To learn more contact us now.

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