Mobile Friendly Website Development/Responsive Website Development

On April 21st, 2015, Google released an update to its search engine that has drastically changed mobile search. With millions of people using their cell phones (and soon, tablet PCs) to perform most day to day tasks, Google is now going to rank websites based on how “mobile ready” they are, using factors such as:

  • Responsiveness – How a site resizes itself depending on the size of the screen.
  • Font and Readability – The size of the font and how well the site reads on mobile devices.
  • Time to Text – How quickly text or content is visible to the viewer.

These are only a few of the “known” factors that will now play a role in mobile search. For those that do not have a mobile ready website, this change could spell disaster. For those that are mobile ready, this change represents opportunity.

Affordable Mobile Friendly Web Development in Sacramento, Folsom, New York, and More

Great Leap Studios is a Folsom/Sacramento based SEO company with clients all over the world. Now that mobile plays a key role in search engine optimization, we at Great Leap Studios have brought on a mobile web developer that can help create sites for a fraction of what some web development companies charge.

Right now, thanks to “Mobilegeddon” as some are calling it, we are offering some of our lowest rates ever on both mobile ready website development and completer website overhauls to WordPress, Joomla, and more. If your website is in need of a responsive facelift, make sure you contact Great Leap Studios today, and find out more about our incredibly affordable web development rates.

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