Pest Control and Extermination Marketing

97% of US consumers research online before hiring a service provider.

Search engines are the platform that potential new customers use to determine if you can fix their pest problem. What happens if your website doesn’t appear in search rankings? How will a growing number of people in your area find your pest control company?

With no knowledge of extermination and no idea what makes a great pest control company, those in need of your services will turn to the first company they find that looks legitimate. If it’s not you, you’re not going to get their business.

Becoming the Top Local Pest Control Company in Your Area

Sure you can pay for exposure online, buying expensive ad space in search engines or on Facebook, but this only works for so long. By far the most cost effective method to generate new leads, drive traffic to your website and grow your pest control business online is to ensure your site shows up first in search.

It is possible to become the leading local exterminator in your area. All you need is to invest in your website and make sure you have a strong web presence. By investing in content, your website will quickly rise in local search results, and anyone looking for a pest control company in your area will find your website and utilize your services.

Now is the Best Time to Strike

Pest control is an evergreen industry. Acquire a new customer and provide exceptional service and they will trust you for life. You have the opportunity to take advantage of a massive change in how homeowners find pest control companies by optimizing your website to appear at the top of the rankings in your area.

Now is the time to grow your business in these areas before your competition can do the same. With the right marketing, your website will be the first and hopefully only site your prospective customers ever need to see.

Your Content Plan

Great Leap Studios has worked with numerous pest control companies around the country to build a strong web presence with cost effective content marketing and SEO strategies.

Our goal is to ensure you generate more leads, grow your business, and never over-extend your budget. We’ll make sure that your website has what it needs to compete against even the highest levels of competition.

Already leading in Google? Use our content marketing services to ensure that none of your competitors can catch you. Leverage your current page rank to create an even more expansive search engine presence and generate more leads.

Contact us today to find out more about how SEO and content marketing can help your extermination business thrive.

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