Great Leap Studios Website Rentals

Great Leap Studios is proud to offer a new addition to our services, and one that we think is the perfect option for new businesses looking to compete online: website rentals.

We want to offer businesses without a website the opportunity to own a website with little upfront costs and no commitment. That’s why we’re offering a website rental on demand service, where we complete a website for you and prepare it for search engines.

What’s Included in Our Website Rental Service

While content marketing and search engine optimization are still very important for competing online, what you need more than anything else is a website. Websites act as an online business card, providing potential customers with a way of:

  • Verifying you exist.
  • Learning more about your services.
  • Branding your company.

Without a website, customers will have nothing on your business but a phone number, and these days potential consumers are looking for something more. They want to learn more about you, and finding a website with your information online gives them that opportunity.

Other website rental companies use a template and cut and paste your business name in the content. We want to be your partner, not simply a faceless company you rent from. That’s why our website rentals are created on-demand. You contact us, we create your website, and we rent it to you with both contract and contract free options. Included in a website rental are:

  • Five pages of unique text written specifically for your company.
  • Two blog posts to get you started in the event you want to blog.
  • An attractive, simple website with forms and phone numbers for people to call you.

Breaking the content down further, you’ll receive one home page, one location page, three service pages, and two blog posts, all of which are written from scratch specifically for your service. Because the content is unique, you’ll also have a better opportunity to compete in search engines, since search engines reward unique content and ignore websites with copied content, like those you receive on other website rentals.

In addition to creating the site, however, we’ll also provide you with several free internet marketing services:

  • We’ll add your business website and information into Yelp, if it’s not there already.
  • We’ll add your business website and information into Google Places.
  • We’ll provide you with information on how to utilize online marketing tactics.

You’ll be able to add blog posts or content at your leisure if you want to expand your website, and if at any point you want to buy the website, you’ll be able to purchase it from us with no strings for one low cost. We will also offer content writing services for the website at a discounted rate, if you’re interested in using our content writing services for marketing and website expansion.

Industries That Could Use Our Website Rentals

We’re happy to create website rentals for every industry, but our websites are designed to be simple and easy to read – perfect for local businesses that offer home services or professionals that deal with individual clients. For example:

  • Pest control website rentals.
  • Carpet cleaning website rentals.
  • Psychologist website rentals.
  • Personal accountant website rentals.
  • Gutter cleaning website rentals.
  • Tanning salon website rentals.
  • Antique store website rentals and more.

Any business that needs to make sure they have a website right away – whether you’re in home services, retail, professional services, or even the food/coffee industry – should contact us today. Rentals start as low as $100, and with the Great Leap Studios website rental program you can have a brand new website created just for you in no time.

Contact us today via the form below, or call us at 347-460-5492 right now so that we can explain the value of our website rentals and what we provide to help you immediately attract customers. Call now.

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