Branding Services

A well branded company is one remembered when a customer needs their product or service.

While direct marketing is designed to make an immediate sale – to find someone in the process of considering a new product or service and convince them to buy – branding creates awareness in potential customers.

Billboards. TV commercials. Radio jingles. Flyers.

These are all advertising strategies designed to increase brand awareness and until very recently were the only options available to build that kind of respond from an audience.

Great Leap Studios offers comprehensive online branding services that are not only more effective than traditional offline branding strategies, but more affordable.

Online Branding Through Content Marketing

In a digital economy, the most effective way to build a brand that permeates your target audience is to provide valuable information and insightful advice. To be the person or company people find whenever they search for something in that industry.

Are you a plumber in Ontario? Then you should appear at the top of search when someone looks for tips to prepare their pipes for winters in Ontario. This type of branding is effective for many reasons.

  1. It’s Permanent – That content never disappears. It will always be on your website and can be shared infinitely on social media and on your blog.
  2. It’s Helpful – You create a direct relationship with a reader by helping them solve a problem. A billboard blasts a message. An article creates a connection.
  3. It’s Effective – The ROI of content marketing consistently outperforms offline strategies that have long cost an arm and a leg.

The bottom line is this – if you want to successfully generate more traffic to your website, make more sales to your potential customers, and become a leader in your industry, branding through content marketing is the way to do it.

Great Leap Studios is a highly trusted branding and content marketing firm in New York City, focused on creating efficient, cost effective marketing strategies that connect you with your audience. Contact us today to learn more.

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