White Papers

There are a lot of ways to stand out on the web. A site filled with page after page of content. An active Facebook Page with thousands of fans. YouTube videos featuring cats doing things that are guaranteed to make you say “awww”. But for a corporation or B2B business that wants to present clear, concise ideas to their potential clients in a way that will position them against competitors while clearly outlining the value of their product, nothing comes close to the benefits offered by white paper publication.

A good white paper does many things. It shows your expertise in a particular field, consolidating hours of research into a single, streamlined and easy to read document. It presents an interesting voice that has answers to complex questions in a growing industry. Most importantly, it gets your name out there in the best possible context.

Great Leap Studios offers complete white paper development and writing services for businesses across a full range of industries – from expense management to financial services, software and technology to non-profit fundraising. Contact us today to learn more about our white paper development services and what we can do for you.

Our Approach to Industry-Specific White Papers

Over the course of six years, GLS writers have developed a keen sense of not only what works in a white paper, but how best to present that information in a way that will highlight the benefits of your company without creating an extended sales page. The purpose of a white paper is to present an applicable solution to a complex business problem – things like reaching higher rankings in Google, saving money on sales staff, generating new leads through telemarketing, or methods for reducing the cost of a supply chain.

By presenting tangible problems that your target audience often must deal with and analyzing the real world cost of those problems and the possible savings represented by the solution your company offers, you can position yourself as potentially the best and only option for their needs.

The key is to find a writer that has the skills and expertise needed to perform thorough research and synthesize complex ideas into an easy-to-read, hyper-targeted document that will make your point in an objective, fact-based way. That’s what Great Leap Studios does for your white paper. Contact us today to learn more.

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