Facebook Management – Content, Posts, Facebook Ads, and More

There are many social media websites. But none of them have the reach, the visibility, and the ROI of Facebook. Facebook has its controversies as a company, but if you are looking for an alternate way to market outside of your website, there are few better investments than marketing on Facebook.

Facebook is a simple platform that is difficult to keep up with. It also isn’t something you can sit on – it has to be frequently updated, not only to grow your business page but also to keep those that follow your page interested in you.

Here at Great Leap Studios, we are available to manage your Facebook page, either as part of our monthly marketing services or on an as needed basis. With great starting costs and over a decade of experience, our Facebook management services are available or essentially any type of business. Contact us today at 347-460-5492 or fill out our online form for costs and information.

Get Help with Facebook for Business – Custom Tailored Marketing

Every business, no matter how reliant its customers are on social media, should still have an active Facebook page. Some people use Facebook as a tool to find businesses, others verify your activity level or use it to research more about you, and more. Facebook is an important medium that all businesses of all sizes should consider utilizing.

Facebook is also customizable to you. There are some organizations that use Facebook as one of their primary tools for finding customers. There are others that prefer to invest in different marketing strategies, but still need their Facebook page to remain active.

We’re here to help with any and all of it, or use our own discretion to determine how much of a Facebook presence you need based on our experience and as part of our ongoing marketing efforts. We can provide:

  • Posts and Content – At minimum, a Facebook business page needs to have content. Content writing is our specialty here at Great Leap Studios. We can create a spreadsheet of posts to keep your page going for a month or longer, or we can update on a discretionary basis. We can also create images, find links, and more as needed.  
  • Engagement – One of Facebook’s best features is that it is a chance to engage with people. Not only can you respond to comments and engage with those that use your page, but if anyone likes your page that is not currently following it, you can also invite them to follow your page to grow your brand’s presence.
  • Monitoring – Facebook is an semi-open platform, which means that at any time, someone can message you, comment on your posts with something negative, spam your page, or place their own content that you may not want there. We can monitor your page at most hours, so that if something happens that you need to respond to, we can be there to address it right away.
  • Advertising – Facebook also has some of the lowest cost advertising in all of social media. Boosting posts, for example, can reach 1000 potential local customers with only a $20 investment. Compared to other tools, like Adwords, Facebook ads are a great way to reach a broader local audience, and we are here to make ads and boost posts that will get you business.
  • Brand Strategy – Facebook is also a branding tool. Sometimes, its best use is to just get your name out there. We’re able to help you come up with a strategy for branding yourself that meets your budget, and gives you a chance to showcase a personality for your company.

We can make humorous posts, create images, post videos, find useful links, and so much more – all while you focus on operating your core business. We have a low starting rate for basic content, and can scale according to your goals. We also offer management for ALL social media accounts as part of our monthly marketing services, and we can cross post to other social media platforms, including Twitter and LinkedIn, at little to no extra cost.

Get the Most From Your Facebook Page – Contact Great Leap Studios Today

We’re here to make your life easier while also building up your business. We’ve managed Facebook pages in countless fields, from real estate to pest control to mental health to restaurants to city/county services, and we are also open to collaborating with your organization as little or as much as you desire.

Contact Great Leap Studios today for a quote, or to discuss what we can do and how easy it is to outsource your Facebook management needs to our team.

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