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Social media – from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn – continues to become an increasingly important part of a businesses marketing strategy. It presents a unique opportunity to connect with your customers, letting you reach millions of users where they are, personalize interactions, and start conversations around your brand. Unlike direct advertising, social media marketing is also incredibly affordable and has long term benefits.

But managing your social media presence is an ongoing process, and one that can be time consuming. Most platforms require your business to post new content weekly or daily to keep customers engaged. When you are already busy managing your business, taking time to focus on digital marketing, including social media, can be nearly impossible.

That is why, in addition to content marketing, SEO, website design, and more, Great Leap Studios is also available to manage and grow your social media. We can engage with your customers across the range of social media platforms, all with your distinctive brand.

Our Social Media Services

Great Leap Studios works with companies to build their online marketing strategy. Effective content increases web traffic and turns leads into customers. We recognize that content and engagement on social media is an essential aspect of online strategy in many industries.

To best utilize social media marketing as an opportunity for growth, we offer the following:

  • Determine a Brand Strategy – Your brand is more than a name and logo. It is the voice you use with customers, whether that is informative, funny, casual, or another tone. A brand also includes the type of content you publish. These factors can differ from platform to platform, but should always be distinctly yours, no matter where you are engaging with customers. We work with you to build a brand strategy to implement across your website and social media that will build brand recognition. 
  • Generate Social Media Content – An effective social media strategy requires frequent new content. We write posts, promotional content, and more, incorporating internal and external links, keywords, and the elements of your brand strategy.
  • Monitor and Engage Your Audience – Social media depends on the interaction between users, and the potential for conversation with your customers is invaluable. We track how your audience is reacting, invite new fans and followers, engage with your current followers, and quickly remove any unwanted content.
  • Run Social Media Advertising Campaigns – For additional reach on social media, we can boost posts, place ongoing ads, and get your name in front of more users. We work within your advertising budget and rely on strategies that will bring the highest return.

We can assist in determining which social media platforms are most advantageous for your industry and customer base. Facebook and Twitter are a focal point for many companies, while platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and others cater to different target audiences. Whoever your customers are, we can create high quality content across channels.

Benefits of a Professional Social Media Company

It is possible to manage your business’s social media accounts on your own. Yet if you have tried that in the past, you might have discovered that it took immense amounts of your time but provided little measurable result. Or perhaps you were able to increase your interaction with customers but found the effort unsustainable. That is where a professional social media company can help.

Great Leap Studios ensures your investment in social media brings the results you need. With years of experience across social media platforms, we can develop and implement a digital marketing strategy that:

  • Grows your social media presence with proven methods.
  • Creates cohesive brand recognition on multiple platforms.
  • Keeps social media populated so you have time to work on other aspects of your business.

We also take a comprehensive approach, managing social media in the context of your larger business plan. This ensures that the image you present to customers is consistent wherever you interact and carries them seamlessly from your social media to your website to a purchase.

Contact Great Leap Studios to Start Building Your Social Media Strategy

Your company has a limited marketing budget. That’s one of the reasons that social media and content marketing can be such appealing methods for building your customer base. Let Great Leap Studios help you make the most of your investment in marketing.

We will make your website and social media presence stand out, both to your customers and to the search engines that direct customers to your business. Call us today to get started, and ask about our monthly marketing plans that include content writing, SEO, and so much more.

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