Search Engine Optimization

When someone performs a search online on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or another platform, the search engine returns a list of results. The top few listings are generally ads, which companies pay for. The remainder of the list is ordered according to the different algorithms a search engine uses to determine which site provides the best answer to the search query.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of working within the algorithms to organically improve your website’s ranking. Great Leap Studios specializes in SEO, with a focus on content based SEO. Without tricks and expensive advertising, we create high quality content that makes your website attractive to search engines.

We specialize in providing SEO for small businesses, and are ready to help you achieve your goals with local search. For more information about our SEO services, please fill out our online form below, or give us a call at 347-460-5492.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO” is a broad term that refers to the process of trying to appeal to the algorithms that search engines use to rank results for various key terms or phrases.

In the distant past, using a key phrase as often as possible was the secret to getting your website ranked first. Today, you need much more than that. These algorithms are much smarter, more precise, and based on far more factors.

What search engines value more than anything else is content. This includes all the writing on your site, whether it’s on a webpage, on a blog, in an FAQ, or elsewhere. Search engines parse this content to determine if it meets quality standards and will provide a relevant response to the search query.

Content is the single most important tool in SEO. It’s also entirely in your control. You can turn your website into a hub of keyword rich information that appeals to your customers, and see your website consistently and permanently move up in rankings as a result.

Content also has supplementary benefits, improving conversions, trust, and customer service even in those clients that find you outside of search engines – for example, based on a referral/word of mouth.

This is why Great Leap Studios is a content-focused SEO company. We supply every tool you need for your website to thrive, but our primary focus is on unique, engaging content writing created by us specifically for your site.

But SEO is also more than that. that’s why we also provide:

  • Backlinking – Backlinking refers to links back to your site on another website. Search engines consider this a sign of trust, proving that your site deserves a higher placement. Writing strong content also helps here as well, as it can help you get backlinks by showing others you’re worth linking to.
  • Metadata – Meta tags, meta descriptions, and other data are what shows in search engine result pages. Technically, meta data doesn’t have an effect on SEO, but what it does do is improve your click rate, which in turn helps your search engine result rank better.
  • Other Features – Alt tags, headers in your content, videos, audio, optimized loading times and more contribute to your page ranking with varying degrees of importance.

In all, over 200 items go into a search ranking. Content is one of the most important, but all can have some impact. Focusing attention on areas like content and building links will result in a natural boost in your website’s ranking.

How We Approach SEO

At Great Leap Studios, our approach is grounded in content based SEO. Search engines want to show their users sites that are helpful. Relevant content is the best way to indicate to a search engine that your site is worthwhile.

This means that content must be well written, engaging, and useful. It cannot be copied or reused. It must also be updated. SEO requires continually introducing new content that will keep your site leading search results.

We write any of the content needed to help your site stand out, focusing on the key terms and content most important for your business. From service pages to blog posts to company press releases, we create content optimized for SEO and attractive for your customers. Our content is written specifically for your business, and entirely unique.

Creating the amount of content needed, all written to a high standard and with ongoing new content, is a commitment. We write content for SEO efficiently, using techniques that have the most impact in growing your search rankings organically.

Benefits of Content Based SEO as a Marketing Strategy

When you pay for a billboard, flyer, or radio spot, your investment has no further benefits once the ad expires. An investment in content based SEO, on the other hand, lasts, providing ongoing free results for every click you receive as long as your website stays on top. Benefits include:

  • Ongoing Hits – Although typically we provide ongoing support for our clients, the purpose of the support is to continue to grow. The work that has already been completed, however, will continue to provide ongoing results indefinitely. SEO has no “expiration,” so your investment will continue to bring a return in the months and years to come.
  • Improved Conversions – Ads can also get people to your website. But once they’re there, they still need to become customers. Content, on the other hand, not only improves search engine rank, but also increases the likelihood those visitors convert.
  • Cost-Effective – Marketing is an investment no matter how you do it. Even if the cost is low, there is time involved. Content marketing and content based SEO are more affordable than other advertising methods, but offer some of the greatest return on investment both in terms of business growth and their ability to last indefinitely.

Having a website is essential for every company. But simply creating your website and putting general information on it is no longer enough. The internet is saturated with billions of sites, and those not on the first page of the search results are nearly invisible. Yet those in the top few listings will receive more visits than every other website.

We make your website your business’s strongest marketing tool. By crafting exceptional content for your site, and incorporating keywords, metadata, backlinks, and more, we increase your site’s rankings. SEO will have your site as one of the top results when target customers search for the services or products you offer.

If you have a new website or your existing website isn’t bringing in the traffic you want, contact Great Leap Studios. We can discuss your site and goals to create a personalized plan for your business.

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