Sales Copy

Your audience is eager to buy what you have to sell. They are practically begging for an excuse to whip out their credit cards and click the “Buy Now” button. But it’s never that simple. No matter how ready your audience is to click that button, they need a nudge to make it happen – that’s where quality sales copy comes in.

Sales copy, when properly written, is designed not only to elicit an action from your readers but to connect with them; to create a relationship that will generate ongoing trust and help you generate this and many more sales to come. To ensure your message is put in the right place and presented in the right style, contact the copywriting pros of Great Leap Studios today.

What’s in the Copy?

I could give you a detailed breakdown of what good copy contains – of all the strategies used by GLS and its writers to present the ideal image of your product while creating a deep, fundamental connection between you and your readers. But what really matters is results and our copy gets results.

From landing pages for a heating and air conditioning company in Tennessee that tripled its online revenues in less than six months to an Internet marketer going from thousands in PPC debt to his first million dollar product in less than two years, we have been working closely with business owners, entrepreneurs and Internet marketers for more than six years and can bring that same keen sense of what works for any one audience to your next big pitch.

The Sales Copy Process

From the moment you contact us, we will work with you to create a powerful landing page that represents your personality and the style and tone of your product or service. Through multiple interviews and a detailed draft process, we will fine tune the message until it matches just right with your target audience and conversions skyrocket.

Whether you need someone to write a sales letter for a brand new product you are planning to launch soon or you need someone to perform basic adjustments to your sales copy to test new ideas that could improve conversions, contact Great Leap Studios today and learn why so many of our clients trust us with their copy.

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