About Great Leap Studios - Digital Marketing Agency for Small Businesses

Our philosophy is that, no matter what your goals are, content gets results. Whether you have a new website preparing to launch or an existing brand in need of an overhaul, our content writing and marketing services are designed to get you exposure in search engines and on social media like nothing else.
About Micah

Since Micah Abraham started content writing, he has personally completed over 20,000,000 words for clients all over the world in several dozen industries. He is a habitual online researcher with a knowledge of people and psychology, and it shows in his content writing and consulting work.

Micah’s goal is to provide a personalized approach to content marketing and SEO, working with the decision makers in your business to determine the best content for your marketing needs, and the strategy that will have the greatest short and long term benefits.

Micah lives with his family in California.

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