Authority and Viral Content

Do you want people to recognize your logo before they’ve even visited your website? What about your name and product line? The Internet makes possible the kind of marketing that for a long time was only feasible through careful calculation, perfect timing and a whole lot of luck.

Authority and viral content generation allows us to systemize a process that once took a lot of educated guesswork to create massive hubs on and linking to your website, ensuring your brand gets as much coverage as possible in all the right ways. From generating massive, hyper-targeted authority articles to creating funny viral content that will spread on social media, Great Leap Studios can help you reach your audience where they spend most of their time – online. Contact us today to learn more.

What is Viral Content?

“Viral” is a term used to define something that is so cool, interesting or useful that people will spread it for you. So, instead of spending many hours and a large volume of money encouraging people to visit your site and read your new article or watch your new video, you release it into the wild and wait for them to start forwarding it to each other.

Of course, this is much easier said than done. True viral content is often a fluke or a lucky accident. It requires some degree of originality and the right mood to carry it through a wave of people’s inboxes at once. However, because of the number of tools at our disposal and the success stories we’ve already seen and documented, we can replicate many of the circumstances under which such things went viral in the past.

In short, we have reverse engineered the process and can create some truly killer content that will strike just the right nerve with your audience at just the right time.

Seeding Your Content

When we start developing potentially viral content for your site, we do it by looking for what people want to know most. Knowledge is the simplest and yet often most powerful form of authority or buzz-worthy content we can develop and it works on many levels. Once we have developed a strong action plan and the content is produced, it is carefully seeded on social networks, in web 2.0 directories and through social bookmarking sites to ensure maximum exposure.

When done right, a single 2,000 word article can result in thousands of hits and dozens of backlinks to your website.

Contact Great Leap Studios today to learn more about all of our viral and authority content development services.

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