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The dental industry is remarkably competitive. In order to attract new patients, dentists often rely on expensive call-in services, large billboard ads, expensive radio commercials, and more, all to attract a few new clients that may or may not make up for the investment in the long term.

One of the truths in dentistry is that the average family has little information to help them tell the difference between dentists, making some form of marketing crucial. Yet the traditional avenues that dentists use to advertise are very expensive, and while they may convert, they require a large and consistent monthly budget that eats in your margins.

Online Marketing for Dentists Using Content Based Strategies

Rather than spend thousands on temporary commercials and magazine advertisements, consider investing in your website. Using content based search engine optimization strategies, you can improve your online presence, generate leads passively, build more trust, and convert more website visitors into customers.

Content – in the form of blog posts, service pages on your website, targeted location pages, etc. – allows you to grow your website into a hub of information. Search engines reward websites that are useful to the reader, and unique content written specifically for your site allows you to show up higher in search engines as a result.

But content is so much more than that. When you market your dentist website with unique dental content writing, you also receive additional benefits, including:

  • Targeted Searches – Not everyone is searching for just a dentist. Some people are searching for braces or Invisalign. Others are searching for wisdom tooth experts. Others are searching for cosmetic dentistry. Still others are searching for locations that may be right next to you, but not the city you targeted. When you add content, you can create pages that target and address these searchers.
  • Build Trust – What happens after someone hears a radio advertisement with your practice? Do they call you right away? The answer is usually no. They go online. They search for your name or the name of your dental practice, and they examine you. If they see a full website with relevant, well written content that is engaging and relevant, they’re far more likely to call you than if they see a website with one page and no information.

You can also use dentist content writing to engage with your current clients, sending them newsletters or giving them useful information on a blog. You can also share unique content on social media, helping you build an even greater online presence.

Content writing is the only form of online marketing endorsed by Google itself, and one of the only marketing strategies that has long lasting benefits – content you create now can continue to bring in new clients years into the future.

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