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Why should a restaurant have a website?

This is one of the most common questions we hear from restaurants, coffee shops, and delis that are looking to market their restaurant and improve their customer base.

It’s an interesting question. With Yelp around to direct people to highly rated restaurants, it’s more important to make sure you deliver outstanding food and quality customer service than it is to market a website like you would any traditional company.

But despite the value of Yelp and related websites for helping potential diners find your business, there are actually several reasons that restaurants should have a website – and many ways that website is going to help your restaurant improve its business.

The Value of a Website and SEO for Restaurants

There is still tremendous value to making sure you’re marketing your website like traditional companies. By having a well marketed website that uses search engine optimization tactics, you can create:

  • A place for those interested in learning your store hours, menu, and more.
  • A place for people to find you in any Google search not on Yelp.
  • A place for you to create relationships with readers.

When you show up in relevant searches, you can easily convince people to drive from miles around to see your business, and make people follow your restaurant and become even more interested in coming back.

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