Tech Startup Content

Software is an extremely competitive market. You are not only competing with major companies that have developed strong reputations in the industry – you are competing with open source programmers that distribute and market tools similar to yours for free.

Most tech startup companies, especially B2B software companies, focus most of their efforts on cold calling. But cold calling isn’t always effective and is rarely the most efficient use of resources. Email marketing campaigns can be effective, but they’re often unreliable, and the cost to benefit ratio of finding potential leads through email is low.

The Online Marketing Solution for Technology and Software Startups

A better use of resources is to actively seek traffic with content marketing, combined with a content rich website that establishes the value of your product. This method of marketing allows you to utilize the most valuable tool at your disposal – the Internet – to help those that need your product to find you, and give them a reason to believe that your program is worthy of their consideration with informative, persuasive content writing. Content marketing will sell your product for you, so that you can invest your additional funds into developing a competitive program.

One Sales Staff = Years of Content

So many technology companies and startups hire sales staff at high salaries in order to generate business. But for the cost of just a single staff member for one year, you can purchase as many as 500 pages of content or more – enough to last you years and years and provide you with a long lasting search engine performance. Rather than have your sales staff call prospective clients, let more clients come to you, and use what sales staff you have to field the incoming calls.

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