El Dorado Hills Digital Marketing and SEO from Great Leap Studios

One of the first local projects we received after moving to Folsom was a software company in El Dorado Hills. But this was not any software company. It was a company that developed highly specialized software that could only be used in the semiconductor test engineering industry.

The audience for this business included only decision makers at semiconductor companies that utilized very specific automatic test equipment. The number of these decision makers barely numbered in the triple digits, if at all. The company needed a marketing team that could handle every possible marketing tactic in the digital marketing world:

  • Website Design and SEO
  • 100% Unique Site Pages and Blogs
  • Social Media Management
  • Adwords Management and Digital Advertising
  • Newsletter and Email Management
  • Graphic Design and Image Curation, and More

They needed a local marketing team that could come to meetings in El Dorado Hills when needed, but would ultimately be able to operate independently and could manage resources without frequent intervention despite the complexity of the topic.

They elected to use our team at Great Leap Studios, and remain a client today, seeing a massive increase in total customers with far better engagement and performance metrics.

Marketing in El Dorado Hills – The Start of a New Beginning

This company was our first EDH customer, but it was not our last. We began working with a plastic bag company, a life coach, a plastic surgeon, a travel agency, and several other clients across the city.

One of the challenges that so many businesses have in this area of California is finding businesses that they can trust to actually do… well… something. It is an industry that is notorious for gimmicks, false promises, and limited evidence of success.

Great Leap Studios may be based a few minutes away in nearby Folsom, but we are always happy to travel to El Dorado Hills – and all of El Dorado County – to act as though we are your own in-house digital marketing agency. We work with your staff. We come up with our own ideas and strategies. We work tirelessly to build you measurable success.

But what makes these businesses choose our services is that we also keep you apprised throughout. You will always know what we’re doing.

You can always see exactly what we’ve completed. You can direct us to create something you need, even if it is only tangentially related to our services (for example, we have designed many magazine ads), and you can let us operate on our own coming up with ideas that we believe will help your business thrive.

Our Marketing Company for El Dorado Hills, CA

Folsom is only a short drive on the 50, via Green Valley, or through White Rock Road. Rather than limit yourself to the companies located directly in El Dorado Hills, consider giving Great Leap Studios a call today at 347-460-5492, or fill out the form on our website for more information.

Our specialty is content writing, social media management and advertising, and website design, along with all related services such as graphic design and search engine optimization. We are a small company that can provide you with a personalized experience to make sure that your marketing needs are met.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment, and we’ll gladly meet with you at the Peet’s coffee near the El Dorado Hills Town Center and buy you your favorite cup or pastry as we talk about what your company can use, and how we can be there to help.

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