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There are a lot of non-profits in the world today. These non-profit companies often rely on donations and product purchases to help fund the organization, and without exposure, your non-profit company will often struggle to get funding. Even though you’re not a business in the traditional sense, your road to success involves marketing your organization like any other, and trying to build interest in your services.

Funding Your Services

Many people are looking for ways to give back. But they are not always inspired to do so, nor do they know where to give. For example non-profit company that helps the homeless in New York isn’t necessarily going to be well known by New Yorkers, let alone possible philanthropists and supporters in other areas of the country. It doesn’t matter if it’s a worthy cause – if they can’t find you and get to know you, you’re not going to receive any help.

The same is true for non-profits aimed at education, or politics, or the environment. You may have a worthy cause for people to support, but until people know about that cause, about your organization, and about their funding dollars, they are not going to help. That’s why you still need to consider investing in non-profit marketing, and these days it is especially important that you invest in SEO for non-profits.

How Content Marketing and SEO Help Non-Profit Companies

SEO, or search engine optimization, is creating a website that helps your company rank well in various search engines. It involves what’s known as “content marketing,” which is creating useful pages of information in an effort to turn your website into a valuable resource online. This form of online marketing is the most effective way to generate business online available, while also being one of the most cost efficient.

Imagine you have a non-profit targeted at Multiple Sclerosis research. You want that website to attract those interested in funding MS research, and you want them to be willing to provide you with a contribution. How would you do it?

With content marketing, you would:

  • Create an easy to read website about your cause.
  • Provide helpful information for those that want to learn more about MS.
  • Create information about what MS research is conducted.
  • Share stories and create a community that attract more multiple sclerosis sufferers, as well as their friends and families.

You can do that with content marketing. You would create a blog with information about MS – not just symptoms, but also information for parents, friends, spouses, living with MS, and more. You would also create helpful tools that people can use and share with their friends, as well as keyword targeted pages that ensure search engines love your website and rank it well for relevant search queries.

All of these provide the following benefits:

  • They improve your rank in search engines.
  • They provide you with multiple tools to attract potential donations.
  • They showcase your expertise, and build trust.

There is simply no better way to market your non-profit company than with content marketing and SEO, and at Great Leap Studios, we’d like to offer you those services at a vastly discounted rate.

Great Leap Studios Low Cost Non-Profit SEO

If you are a qualified non-profit company, we would like to provide you with discounted content and online marketing to help your organization thrive. We know how hard non-profit companies have to work simply to get by, and we want to make it easier for you.

If you’re interested in SEO for non-profits, and want to talk more about both discounted rates and free donation articles, please contact us today. We’d love an opportunity to chat with you about the value of SEO and non-profit content marketing services.

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