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Owning a tattoo or piercing business is very different than running other businesses. As both artists and professionals, often you make your mark by offering outstanding customized designs and attracting repeat customers.

But you are still a business, and as a business you need to market your tattoo design services and make sure that those looking for new tattoos can find you. That’s why it’s very important that you brand yourself online.

Tattoo Parlor Branding at Great Leap Studios

Hundreds of potential clients in your local area search online for tattoo artists every month. With nothing else to go on, they’re going to choose the first one they find that has a website that attracts them.

If your tattoo studio isn’t showing up in that search, then you’re going to lose that client to your competitors. Your designs may speak to your talent, but no one is going to see your designs if they never find your business.

Tattoo parlors that want to be successful need to make sure they’re marketing their business online, using effective tools and strategies to make sure that search engines rank them above their competition.

How to Market Your Tattoo Parlor

The best way to make sure you achieve those results is to add content to your website. Known as content marketing, the more interesting pieces of information you add to a website, while targeting it for local keywords, you can make sure that you show up for any and all potential searches.

Search engines value websites with a considerable amount of information, and by adding targeted information, in the form of:

  • Blog Posts
  • Location Pages
  • Service Pages
  • Helpful Pages and more

You can make sure that you’re creating the targeted, valuable content that will help your tattoo store marketing and ensure that you’re able to rank well in search engines.

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Tattoo parlors that want to learn more about how to improve their search engine rank and start competing in an increasingly online world should contact Great Leap Studios today. We have years of experience with SEO and content marketing, and can create interesting, targeted content that is certain to attract new clients.

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