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When you work in the travel industry in any capacity, you build relationships with customers by showing them the world that they don’t yet know.

  • Local tourism, including resort hotels and city tourism boards, show off what their city and surrounding areas have to offer and become a hub of information to hopefully build relationships with potential travelers and entice them to come visit.
  • National/international tourism, such as plane charters, hotel booking websites, and multinational hotel chains, try to spark the travel bug in all of their visitors, and show off how vast and incredible the world really is.

No matter what type of business you’re running, the best way to build relationships with visitors, improve conversions, and ultimately turn your website into a source of information that attracts both people and search engines is with travel writing, and at Great Leap Studios, we can provide you with affordable travel writing without having to pay someone to explore the world for you.

Great Leap Studios: Freelance Travel Writers at Your Fingertips

Great Leap Studios is a content writing and marketing company, with a special focus on unique, engaging content that will generate hits for your business. Although not our only industry, we have frequently found ourselves heavily involved with travel companies, including:

  • Private Jet Charters
  • Travel Job Recruitment
  • Limousine Drivers/Companies
  • Travel Agents and More

Although we are more than happy to travel on behalf of your company (I heard there is plenty to write about in Greece these days, hint hint), one of the benefits of working as content writers is that we have developed a special skill for turning independent research into knowledgeable accounts of an area. That means that even without going to the location, we can write as if we live there, and find unique and interesting information about any location or travel related query that is popular in both search and social media.

Mossbrae Falls

We can write with humor, or with wonder, or with any other style you’re interested in, and we can feature the most well known areas or secret locations that are only known by locals depending on your needs. From featured attractions to benefits articles, our company can write any type of travel article that your business needs, and we’re confident that it will help you improve your search engine optimization as well as develop trust with the reader.

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Content writing is our specialty, and travel writing is by far one of the most enjoyable topics to explore. If you’re in need of a freelance travel writer, or someone with experience writing about any type of location, anywhere in the world, contact Great Leap Studios today. We’re happy to help you with all of your travel writing SEO needs, as well as blog posts, social media posts, viral content, and more.

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