Great Leap Studios is Proud to Offer Website Partnerships

Great Leap Studios is proud to be one of the leading content marketing and management companies in the United States, and today we’re pleased to offer a new addition to our content writing and SEO services – Website Partnerships.

A Website Partnership is a free website created for small businesses in nearly any industry. We’ll buy the domain name, host the site, craft the website, and write brand new unique content – all for free. At the end of a three month period, you’ll have the option of renting or buying the website or walking away without paying a penny.

What’s the Catch?

There really is no cost to you, and no obligation after the first three free months. You won’t be under contract unless you decide to rent the site, and you won’t have any surprise fees – we’ll let you know what we expect the rental cost and purchase price will be long before your 3 months is up.

But of course, small businesses have reason to distrust a company that offers them a free website. So you’re probably wondering what’s in it for us. The answers are fairly simple:

  • We would own the site. 
  • We’d maintain creative control to ensure optimal rankings.

Behind the scenes, Great Leap Studios is starting to create website rentals for a variety of industries, and essentially these website partnerships are our opportunity to create a rental website with a company already in line to rent it. It makes our job easier, and allows us to really start a relationship with your business rather than create some random website that sits there and waits for some company to come and take it away.

You’d have the option of buying it if you decide renting is no longer for you, and we offer many different types of rental contracts depending on your needs.

Who Qualifies for a Website Partnership?

Website partnerships are available for almost any company that either doesn’t have a website or is looking to start a new website. All you need is an email address and phone number for potential clients to contact you. We’re creating website partnerships for almost every industry, including:

  • Pest Control website rentals.
  • Nail Salon website rentals.
  • Gardening and Landscaping website rentals.
  • Carpet Cleaner website rentals.
  • Life Coach website rentals.
  • Psychologist website rentals.
  • Hair salon website rentals.

Don’t worry if you don’t see your industry on the list. We want to talk to you about the industry you’re in – from wedding photographers to pizza joints to yoga studios and app developers – and chances are we can create a relationship and start on your free website partnership.

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