Early Case Study on Orange County Invisalign Marketing

Early Case Study on Orange County Invisalign Marketing

Early Case Study on Orange County Invisalign Marketing 150 150 Great Leap Studios

The other day I received an email from a client. This client had a website about Invisalign in Orange County, focused solely on the OC – not the cities within Orange County, but the term “Orange County” themselves. They had created a website that was built around this keyword, with multiple pages and helpful tips designed to attract local searches.

The site had been up for a year, yet when they searched Google for “Orange County Invisalign” or “Invisalign in Orange County” they were nowhere to be found. The website wasn’t on page one. It wasn’t on page two. By the time they got to page 8 of Google they still had not seen their website and gave up.

They asked me what I could do with a limited budget. I said we should start with just blogging for now and then we can see what happens.

So the other day we started blogging. So far we have only added 3 posts. With just those three posts, the website has already shot up in Google, from page 8+ to page 4.

Now, page “4” may not seem like a victory. But keep in mind that we have only added 3 blog posts. Businesses invest thousands a months into blogging, content marketing, backlinking, social media, and so much more, and they do so for months just to reach the front page of Google. All we’ve done so far is add 3 posts, and suddenly we shot up at least 4 pages in 3 weeks.

We are still in the early stages, and I’ll be posting follow ups in a few months to see if it continued to work. For now, we’re only targeting one keyword as well. Eventually we’ll be targeting 3, 4, maybe 7, and continue to find ways to help the website grow. But the early returns on only 3 blog posts is already excellent, and there is nowhere to go from here but up.