What is Thin Content?

SEO is as much guesswork as it is hard science. When search engines like Google have an update, they don’t share any of the details of what goes into that update or what an SEO company has to do to account for it, and that leaves SEO companies and SEO researchers trying to figure it …

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Are We Selling SEO?

All over this website you’ll see references to SEO. We at Great Leap Studios tell people we are an SEO Company. We focus a lot of our content on SEO, and if you take the literally definition of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we absolutely are an SEO company. But for decades, SEO had a different …

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How to Provide SEO for Psychologists

Therapy is a business like any other. While the service itself is far more personal, before a psychologist can help their clients, clients have to find them, and that means marketing to those that need help with their mental health. The problem is that active marketing doesn’t necessarily match therapy. You aren’t going to pay …

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Sacramento SEO Company | Great Leap Studios

Welcome to Great Leap Studios. We’re an SEO company based near Sacramento, California, serving local, national, and international businesses. Our focus is on content based SEO and online marketing, providing copywriting/content writing solutions that help businesses improve their rank in search engine, boost conversions, and build trust with the reader. Our History For over 8 …

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Landscaping SEO | A Case Study

July of last year, Great Leap Studios was hired by a landscaping company to improve their website presence. We worked with landscaping SEO before, but this was the first time we were given full creative control and a monthly budget. Let’s go over the issue: The Problems: Mediocre Hits, but Worse Conversions. The Solution: Significantly …

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