Car Rental Marketing

Car rental services can be difficult to market because of the relative similarities they share with competitors. The main difference lies mostly in pricing and availability. A good website can make the difference between you and competing car rental services, especially if you both have similar pricing and vehicle availability. Many businesses now recognize the …

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Hospitality Industry Marketing

Building a brand is especially crucial in the hospitality industry, where guests have the option of staying at any number of hotels or AirBnBs. Getting the word out about your advantages over the competition is more important than ever, and the best way to do that is with a website that has informative, well-written content. …

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Lawn Care Marketing

Despite the fact that nearly everyone still needs lawn care services either at their home or place of business, it can be more of a challenge than ever these days to market your lawn care services so that they can find you. More and more people are starting up small service businesses, giving you competition …

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Dental Practice Marketing

The medical field is competitive, no matter where your business is located are or what services you provide. Even in the smallest of towns, you’re tasked with making sure that the locals trust you over any other dentists in your nearby area. Word of mouth is one of the best ways for dentists to find …

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Are Location Pages Dead?

It was not long ago that location pages were one of the most valuable, most easily forgotten parts of SEO. It was something that we prioritized here at Great Leap Studios, because it helped overcome one of the most common problems with Google search optimization: location relevance. We’re in Folsom. Folsom is a 5 minute …

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