Examples of Yoga Content and Blog Post Ideas

Welcome to the second article in a series on content and blog post ideas for individual industries. Today we want to go over some topics for a growing industry – the Yoga industry.

Yoga is growing in popularity, but yoga studios are popping up more often as well, which means that to profit you need to make sure you’re marketing your yoga studio online. If you’d like help, keep in mind that Great Leap Studios has marketing services with no minimum or maximum monthly budgets, as well as affordable per word costs for written content. Use the form to the right to inquire about our services.

Yoga Content and Marketing

The most effective way to compete in today’s cutthroat yoga environment (where most businesses are competing for the same customerS) is to make sure that you’re developing a website that will rank well in search engines. The best way to do that is to develop useful, informative articles and pages that show search engines your website has real value. That will help you show up for yoga studio keyword searches and brand yourself as an expert

But coming up with those topics can be difficult. So to make sure you’re not starving for yoga content ideas, here are several potential topics that you can use for inspiration:

  • Common mistakes with specific postures.
  • History of yoga, including your specific discipline.
  • Compare and contrast your yoga type with others around the world.
  • Spiritual beliefs about yoga.
  • Research into yoga and yoga postures.
  • Age related information about yoga, such as the best yoga for teens or retirees.
  • Calories burnt doing yoga.
  • Information on other ways to improve healthy living.
  • Yoga preparation/post-yoga nutrition.
  • Case studies and client histories.
  • Commonly asked questions about yoga.

Remember that these aren’t one post each. Each one can be multiple posts in order to better assist those with questions about yoga. For example, if you run a Birkram Yoga studio, rather than compare it to every type of yoga you can think of, you can have one article comparing it to Yin Yoga, one article comparing it to Tibetan Yoga, and so on. Each one is a new article, and a new topic of interest to others.

If you are interested in yoga marketing, there is no better way to brand your studio than with online content writing. Hopefully the above ideas will give you some direction, and if you’re interested in learning more about content marketing or want to hire great company to write your content for you – or provide you with any other services – contact Great Leap Studios today. If you found this post useful, please consider sharing it on social media or linking to it in one of your blog posts.


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