The Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business: Facebook

This is the first in our series about using social media platforms to boost your online marketing. We’re discussing the pros and cons of the most popular social media sites to help you determine which are the best fit for your business. 

Facebook is the site many think of when it comes to social media. This is because it has more users than the U.S. has people and it is one of the first social media platforms that still exists and thrives today. Many businesses establish a Facebook business page, but not every company puts the effort in to make it a worthwhile tool.

Advantages and Challenges with Marketing on Facebook

With a user base the size of a large country, Facebook logs over 7 million visitors every day. The majority are individuals with the average age of 41 years old and more than half of users are over the age of 35. Women are represented at a slightly higher ratio than men.

The sheer number of people means that members of your target audience are likely browsing Facebook, which is why this platform has long been a must among businesses. Currently over 3 million businesses are using Facebook.

The increasing number of companies with business pages does mean that it’s getting harder to stand out, especially as Facebook algorithms are seeking to return to a platform focused on interactions between family and friends. The platform was initially designed as a place to connect with real life acquaintances, but now lets individuals interact with companies.

This foundation of interaction remains an important part of Facebook. Your ability to create content that is shared, liked, and commented on is also key to standing out in Facebook algorithms. Those businesses who see the greatest return on Facebook are those that:

  • Post Regularly – A sporadically used Facebook page will not gain you followers. Likewise, avoid spamming users with too many posts. The scheduling feature can help space out your posts with minimal effort. Many users expect a more casual tone on Facebook, but your content should still reflect your company.
  • Use Images – Facebook combines images and text in its posts, although those posts with an image tend to get approximately 40% more engagement. If you have high quality images or video from your work, incorporate them into your posts.
  • Engage with Customers – To get the most out of Facebook, you need to do more than just post. Responding to customer comments and direct messages, sharing content, starting conversations on your page, and building a community of followers will make your business worthwhile for followers.

Companies can create a business page on Facebook at no cost and manage their interactions with Facebook Page Insights. Businesses also have the ability to run paid advertising campaigns on the platform in order to reach more customers. Ads can be targeted to specific demographics for the most impact.

The challenges with Facebook include the amount of content. It requires consistent effort not to get lost. As interaction is important on the platform, you should expect to respond to customer questions and comments from time to time. These can include negativity as well that require ongoing moderation and reputation management so that your Facebook profile remains a strong marketing resource.

Challenges aside, Facebook is still a must have for many businesses entering into social media marketing. Its content options are some of the more flexible and it offers several business tools, making getting started easy.

For additional help with building a follower base on Facebook and connecting with your customers, Great Leap Studios provides social media management along with our content writing services. Our experience with marketing on the platform can help your business take full advantage of Facebook.


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