Comment Backlinking: Why Do It?

Comment Backlinking: Why Do It? 150 150 Great Leap Studios

Comment backlinking is the process of visiting blogs and websites with comment sections and creating a comment with a link (almost exclusively on the comment username) that points back to your site. It’s an old school, “gray hat” SEO technique that Google’s search engine algorithms are iffy about. Matt Cutts himself said that a quality comment may help you as a backlink, but a bad comment may be seen as spam, and since Google bots…

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5 Essential WordPress Plugins

5 Essential WordPress Plugins 150 150 Great Leap Studios

Wordpress is an extremely powerful tool for any business owner, and if you plan on starting a blog for your company, the odds are that you will end up using this free, open-source software package. But, Wordpress isn’t exactly instantly web-friendly. You need to do some tweaks and changes to perfect it for your business’s needs. That’s what Plugins are for. To help you get the most from your blog, here are the five plugins…

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