Fast Website Development: CED Society

Great Leap Studios was contacted by a non-profit organization that had a problem. They had been trying to get a new website since 2020. After a year, they had design of the website drafted, but the company they were working with still had not turned the design into a working, functional website. Everything was taking too long.

Finally, after a year of waiting, they were told that the website would cost 4x as much as initially quoted.

They contacted Great Leap Studios. We took all the pieces that were already drafted, and turned the entire design into a working website in fewer than 2 weeks. The website, which can be found at, also cost them less than 2/5th of the quote of the previous website development company.

At Great Leap Studios, we believe in creating high quality, affordable websites that exceed your expectations. Learn more about our website design services by contacting GLS today.

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