How 10 Hours May Have Helped An Engineering Company Earn Millions

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by a local engineering company in the military and air travel fields. The company’s net earnings had increased 150% from the year before, with a revenue well over $10,000,000. But the company was receiving all of its clients through offline means:

  • Referrals
  • Trade Shows
  • Sales Calls

They had a website, and they ran Google Adwords, but sales team could recall zero – not one – lead collected through their website, despite running a site for 3 years. Over $12,000 was poured into Adwords, not including the team that they paid to set up the account. Even more was invested into the website, which did not appear to show up for any useful keywords.

The head of sales asked me to take a look at their Adwords account. Given how unsuccessful they had been in the past, they only budgeted about 10 hours for problem solving.

We fixed all their problems in 5.

The problem ended up being a simple fix. The original Adwords consultants did not monitor and solve for negative keywords, and “broad match” was using up their entire budget on irrelevant keywords. We fixed the problem.

One week later, they received a total of 3 high profile leads through the website (along with several soft inquiries). Those leads, which look to be near closing, represent well over $1,000,000 in revenue at least.

Do You Need Help with Adwords?

Not all Google Adwords problems are that simple. Some require frequent monitoring, and a lot of time was saved as a result of the initial work by their previous well-intentioned Adwords setup team. That allowed us here at Great Leap Studios to go to work solving the challenges.

But in fewer than 10 hours, our work has already helped the company earn over 1,000,000 in revenue, and they’re just getting started. If you’re interested in learning more about our Google Adwords services, please call Great Leap Studios today or fill out the form to the right for more information.


  • Micah Abraham

    Micah Abraham is the owner and lead content writer at Great Leap Studios ( and High Volt Digital (
    Micah has over 15 years of content writing and digital marketing experience, and has owned and operated Great Leap Studios since 2013 and High Volt since 2022.
    He has a degree in Psychology from the University of Washington, and has researched and written content on a wide range of topics in the medical and health fields, home services, tech, and beyond.
    Micah lives with his family in California.

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