Why Add an FAQ to Your Webpages

The majority of people today turn to the internet when they have a question. If your website has a small business, you want to provide all the answers your customers might need about your services or products in an easy to find place on your site. The best location for that is an FAQ.

An FAQ page or section has a two-fold purpose. It improves customer experience on your website and improves your visibility in search engine results – as long as the FAQ is done right and answers important questions. 

How an FAQ Page Helps Your Site

Adding FAQs to your website makes it easier for customers and search engines to find what they need, which should translate into higher revenue for your business. This occurs through:

  • Faster Conversion – When customers can find answers easily without searching extensively or contacting you, there are fewer obstacles between them and conversion.
  • Improved Customer Trust – If you can give valuable information before a prospect has become a customer, they are more likely to trust your knowledge and dependability.
  • Reduces Your Workload – Many customers will have the exact same question. Putting the answer right on your site can save you time answering phone calls or emails.

Beyond the customer service aspect of answering frequently asked questions, a FAQ is an invaluable tool for your website’s SEO. It works like this.

People often search online for answers to a specific question, such as how to do something, how much something costs, or how a process works. Google looks for sites that will answer these questions fast and provides those as the top search results to get their users to the answers faster. If Google puts your site in the top results, you are more likely to gain web traffic and customers.

An FAQ can also boost your SEO when you implement FAQ schema markup. Schema markup is code you place on your web pages that communicate with search engines and tell them what to display in their results for your website. Using FAQ schema markup, you can have your FAQ listed directly under your website on the search results, showing customers that you have the answers to their questions before they even click onto your site.

How to Add an FAQ to Your Website

You can add a standalone FAQ page to your website or you can add an FAQ section to individual webpages, such as the pages that outline your services. Either format, or both, puts your customers closer to the answers they need and appeals to search engine algorithms. 

When planning out your FAQs, consider the questions customers most often ask you as a starting point. You will need to choose those that are relevant to a visitor on your website and your content. Answering questions that might apply to any user of a service, not just your customers, can help you stand out more with search engines.

While an FAQ is a helpful SEO tool, it is important to remember that it needs to be supported by quality content as well. Great Leap Studios is an SEO and content marketing company that can help your business stand out online and bring in customers. Contact us to learn more.