Google Hummingbird Update: Infographic

Google Hummingbird Update: Infographic

Google Hummingbird Update: Infographic 150 150 Great Leap Studios

Google Hummingbird may not have received much press outside of the marketing world, but it’s believed that the Hummingbird update may have been the single most important update Google has made since its algorithm was first released. It’s a change designed specifically to assist websites that offer real, valuable content.

We’re pleased to share that all of our clients either stayed in the same spot or improved after Hummingbird, but we know that other websites may not have been so lucky. The following is a brief but helpful infographic developed by Digital Relevance to help your company better understands what Hummingbird is, and what it means for your content.

Google Hummingbird Changes

Valuable content has long been important, and now – more than ever – it is the single most important part of creating a successful website. Invest in content marketing to help your company improve its long term success.