3 Ways to Get Local Backlinks

When it comes to SEO, getting other sites to link to yours – known as backlinking – is essential. Google long ago decided that backlinks were an important testament to the quality of a website. Backlinks are considered a sign of approval, so if other sites are vouching for yours, there’s probably a good reason for it.

However, not all backlinks get treated equal. Recently, it appears that Google and other search engines are beginning to favor local backlinks – backlinks from websites within your local area. Local backlinks are used to help search engines determine whether or not you should be ranked highly in a local area.

If you are in need of local backlinks, the following are some strategies you can use to get them easily, and without using any spam tactics.

Join the Chamber of Commerce

There are a number of reasons to join your local Chamber of Commerce. They can help you connect to other local businesses, they help you become a part of the community, they sponsor events, and much more. Most local chambers of commerce will also put your website on their own site, and provide you with a highly valuable backlink from a leader in your local area. Some may even allow you to have a featured article or guest post, which may be even better for your SEO goals.

Create a Local Press Release

Another smart way to get local backlinks to your site is by creating a local press release, which may include local news or local topics of interest. Make a list of local publications you could send your press release to. Then, for each of them, think up a quick pitch that will explain why your press release is relevant to their readers. You can also try listing it on websites like PRWeb and hope that the local papers and websites pick it up.

Hold a Local Event/Contest

Finally, another popular strategy is to hold a local event, and try to drum up a buzz that will have your website and information posted on blogs, social media, and more. There is no end to the types of events or contests you could decide to hold. Some common ideas are:

  • Charity Raffles
  • Informative Seminars
  • Tours of Your Facility

Whatever you decide on, you’ve just created an excellent way to earn local backlinks.

Once you figure out the type of event or contest you’ll throw, follow the same steps as you would with issuing a press release. Make a list of local sources that will spread this information and then explain what your seminar has to offer their readers, followers, etc.

Local Backlinks Add Value

No matter what you do to create a high-quality site, you’ll come up short if you don’t get any traffic. While the Internet is full of “tips and tricks” for improving SEO, few can rival the power of local backlinks. The above strategies are some of the easier ways to get natural local backlinks, and a great way for you to start increasing your local presence.


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