Conversion Rate Optimization through Your Website’s User Interface

Bringing traffic to your website is an important part of SEO and marketing, but traffic means nothing if you cannot then convince visitors to follow through on your call to action. 

Conversion can mean a number of different things depending on what your site is. It often means that the customer finishes a purchase if you sell a product or contacts you to schedule a service. For other sites, conversion could mean signing up for a newsletter or downloading a program. 

The number of users who visit your site versus the number who take this action is your conversion rate and a high conversion rate should be a key part of your marketing strategy. Here are some simple ways to help improve your conversion on your website.

Web Design Techniques for CRO 

There are many different factors that go into conversion. Before investing in a product or service,  customers will often consider a variety of different information, from what you already include on your website to reviews to word of mouth recommendations and more. This makes it important to have an information rich website that provides all the facts that your potential customers may want to know about your products or services and your company. 

The following solutions will not make up for a website that is not already effective at converting customers, but they can help increase conversion if your website is already well done simply by making some small changes to the user interface on your site. These changes include:

  • Make Contact Easy – Set your contact form to show on every page of your website and include your phone number in the top right of each page. These features make it simple for customers to heed your call to action as soon as it is issued. It also gives them an easy way to contact your team with any questions they may have at which point you can personally share with them why your knowledge and services are the best for their needs. With so many scammy websites, including your phone number in an easily accessible place also helps build trust even if the customer does not intend to use it.
  • Have an FAQ – Questions that have hard to find answers can prompt site visitors to quickly look elsewhere. Even if you include information about your products or services within your content, it is helpful to repeat your most frequently asked questions in a separate page or section on individual pages. This makes answers to common questions easy to remove roadblocks in conversion. 
  • Have a Unique Selling Proposition – This step is perhaps a bit more complicated, but it is also one of the more valuable UX steps you will want to have in place on your website. A unique selling proposition is simply what makes your product or service different from your competitors. For instance, if you are a pest control company, your USP may be that you offer the most affordable solution in the area, your treatments are eco-friendly and safe, or that you focus predominantly on commercial and enterprise pest control. While your company may do several of these things, decide specifically what your company offers and why that is special. Then make sure to include that information clearly throughout your website. This helps convince the customers who you want to serve that you are the correct choice for them and pushes them further towards conversion.

If SEO is one of the most important digital marketing techniques for standing out online and bringing in

potential new customers, CRO is also a necessary practice for making the sale and keeping those customers coming back.

Great Leap Studios can assist with both SEO and CRO for your digital marketing strategy. We create content that will attract more visitors to your site as well as convert those visitors into long term customers with effective conversion strategies. If you are looking to improve either SEO, CRO, or both on your small business website, contact us through the form below.


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