Examples of Plastic Surgery Content and Blog Post Ideas

Succeeding as a plastic surgeon is about marketing. Most clients know little about the difference between two plastic surgeons. Half of the before and after plastic surgery pictures you see online were taken from other websites, and even the ones you take yourself are rarely taken by a professional, after enough time has passed to show the final results.

With plastic surgery, if you have the greatest local presence and brand your plastic surgery services in a way that appeals to customers, you’ll get the most business, guaranteed. Reputation does play a role, but quality marketing can overcome that role, especially if you dominate local search engines for plastic surgery key terms. If you also supplement your website with informative articles and regular blog posts in order to build trust, you’ll improve the frequency of new clientele even further.

SEO, Online Marketing, and Plastic Surgery Content

Plastic Surgery SEO has changed – these days it is basically 100% content. Or at least, it’s 85% content, and 5% website quality, and 10% other tactics that are very difficult to control without spamming. Add enough informative, keyword targeted content, and keep it going in blogs, new services, and more, and you’ll eventually dominate in local search engines.

But of course, long before you can dominate search engines with plastic surgery SEO content writing, you have to come up with topics. The following are a not at all comprehensive list of blog post topics and content ideas for your plastic surgery website.

  • Every Single Service – There are thousands of services in plastic surgery when you break them down to their individual parts. For example, it’s not just a tummy tuck – it’s a full tummy tuck, or a mini tummy tuck, a circumferential tummy tuck – these are all different services that can be pages, as well as overview pages that talk about what each service is. Keep in mind that this includes the same services for individual body parts – such as CoolSculpting for thighs, CoolSculpting for abs, liposuction for thighs, liposuction for abs, etc.
  • Candidates for Every Single Service – If you want to expand it even further, you can talk about the candidates for each individual service. For example, the candidates for a mini tummy tuck are going to be very different than the candidates for a full tummy tuck. this is information that helps and builds trust with the reader, and gives you even more keyword potential.
  • Comparisons of Surgical Procedures/Benefits Articles – Every single surgical procedure has an alternative option. Compare and contrast. What is the difference between an implant and a lift? Why would you choose Restylane over BOTOX? In addition, every procedure has risks, side effects, or considerations. What are the benefits and weaknesses of body lifts? Why would you choose a fat transfer over some other option?
  • Tips and Strategies, Top 10s, and More – You can also share recovery and care tips, you can write content about costs that complements a plastic surgery campaign, you can write strategies for maintaining your look. You don’t even necessarily have to write about plastic surgery at all. You can simply talk about related information that will be relevant to those seeking plastic surgery, like trends, standards of beauty, and even natural weight loss.
  • News and Updates – Finally, the science of plastic surgery is constantly changing. So you may want to have news posts with updates about procedures or recent advancements. Keep in mind that you’ll want to rewrite any news, not simply repost, and you’ll still want to add information that interests the layman on occasion. But news and updates give you more content.

Also, throughout all of this you can also add keyword articles, especially location based keyword articles, and every location is another full set of articles. For example, if you are a Sacramento plastic surgeon and write 200 pages on surgical procedures targeting Sacramento, you can do another 200 pages targeting Folsom, 200 targeting Rancho Cordova, 200 targeting Elk Grove, 200 targeting South Lake Tahoe, and more.

Of course, at Great Leap Studios, we’d rather write this content for you. We have clients all over the world, and with our affordable prices, experience writing about dozens of plastic surgery procedures on multiple websites, and a commitment to a fast turnaround, we’re confident that our services are a great choice for your plastic surgery SEO needs. You already have a marketing budget, but if you’re like most companies, you’re probably spending it on some good, but not great marketing strategies. Contact Great Leap Studios today, and use that budget on a strategy that really works.

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