Google Domains Opens its Registration to the Public

Custom domain names are a great way to build your online identity, offering a memorable address for your website. Companies such as Namecheap, 1&1, and Go Daddy have been offering custom domain names for a few years and Google Domains has recently joined their ranks. While they are still in beta testing, Google Domains offers a variety of helpful tools for companies.

  • Purchasing and Registering a Domain

Purchasing a domain name with Google Domains is affordable, with the cost of the domain varying depending on the top-level domain (TLD) name. For instance, .biz will cost you $12, while .coach will cost $60. These costs are comparable with sites such as Go Daddy and NameCheap.

It is also easy to renew your domain name or purchase multiple years for your domain name through Google Domains. You can add up to ten years of registration to most TLD’s (only five years for .co domains) and it will cost you the same every year. This means that if you purchased a domain name ending in .biz at $12 this year, you would pay $12 every time you registered your domain for the next decade.

However, if you allow your domain registration to expire and do no renew it within thirty days, you will have to pay an extra fee for the restoration of an expired domain.

  • New Domain Suffixes

Google introduced nearly ninety new TLD’s to the list that your company can choose from. These new TLD name include:

  • .surgery
  • .accountants
  • .business
  • .company
  • .industries

With these additions, there are many more ways to ensure that your company’s website does not fade from your customers mind.

  • Website Building

Google Domains offers a way to help you to get your website off the ground and in the public eye. The service has partnered with a variety of different website makers to make it simple to build your website and online presence.  This service includes drop-and-drag website builders, customizable templates, and secure website hosting along with other features.

If you don’t like these services or want assistance from a local Folsom company such as Great Leap Studios, you don’t have to use Google’s partners. You can choose to use your own preferred website builder or utilize your new domain name to send traffic to an existing website.

Contact Great Leap Studio Today

With a plethora of domain names available and features such as website construction, domain and email forwarding, customizable subdomains, Whois privacy, and Google support, Google Domains may edge out the competition. If you or your company is interested in choosing a new domain name and need local assistance with creating the perfect website, contact Great Leap Studios today.


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