Four Tips for Consistently Coming Up With Great Blog Post Ideas

Content marketing has helped both companies and individuals to increase their visibility, generate website traffic and boost their sales. Many have done this by creating a blog but it can be difficult to generate new ideas every day. If you have troubles coming up with evergreen concepts here are four tips to find great blogging ideas.

  • Write a Blog Post Based on Audience Questions

Your visitors leave questions or comments on your blogs, especially if they see you as an expert in your niche. When that happens it is quite likely that there are others who would also like the answer to those questions. Take interesting material and questions that you receive in comments or messages and use them as the basis for a blog post.

  • Read Industry Blogs

You can learn a lot from seeing what others in your niche are talking about. Use the ideas that you see generating a lot of interest and make sure that you add your own commentary on the subject. Take an interesting topic and spend time discussing whether you disagree or agree and why.

If you are concerned that you may take too much inspiration from another blog, try only reading the title. This will offer you inspiration and give you the opportunity to generate completely new ideas.

  • Utilize News and Current Affairs

If an issue is already being followed by the media that means that the public is invested in the topic. There is always something happening, so the chances are great that you will be able to find an idea that is relevant to your specific audience. Post your personal take on the topic or draw links between current affairs and previous blog posts that you have written.

  • Track Your Own Content

Every month you should use your analytics to see which posts performed well and which topics may be helpful to revisit. Your own content can be a goldmine of ideas that you know your readers are already invested in those topics. Look everything over and see where you can expand, repackage, or bring up-to-date.

An active blog that frequently updates with fresh ideas is a huge boost to a business’s bottom line. If you need content written to ensure that you stay relevant with your target audience, contact Great Leap Studios.


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