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Last week, I wrote about pain points in psychology content, and how many of those working in the mental health field prefer to focus too heavily on pain points, and too little on why someone should connect with them. To summarize – it’s nice to show someone you can identify what they are suffering from, but most people already know what they’re suffering from, and instead need to be motivated to hire you to treat it.

The post was focused on main site pages, however, and main site pages are only one part of psychology content marketing. You’ll also need to update a blog, and when it comes to blog posts there is no limit to what you write and how you write it.

Psychiatry Blog Content

It’s within the blog that, if you want, you can create an entire post dedicated to pain points. You can also create a post that talks about treatments, or your services, or various disorders. As Dr. Nicole Hraniotis writes:

“”Blogging offers information to my tech savvy patients in their preferred mode of communication.”

Your blog is your opportunity to show that you’re the expert – to show that you know what people are dealing with, what it’s like to live with disorders, what causes them, how to treat them, and more. Your blog is where you can really reach those that may not know they need help, or show those that already know they need help that you’re someone that understands what they’re going through and can treat it.

Ideally, your main website pages need to be as professional as possible, and focusing your main site pages on your services and their value is more important than trying to show anyone that visits the page you understand things like anxiety and depression. Potential visitors should hope you do. What you need is to make sure that anyone that finds your website via search engines for the main keywords that you’re targeting is moved towards using your services, while you use your blog for everything else.


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