Comprehensive Guide to How to Start a Blog on Your Website

Blogs are the easiest way to market your website. Every time you post, you create unique content showing Google that your business has content that is interesting to others. At the same time you integrate more and more long tail keywords into your website, increasing your exposure and boosting your SERPs.

But starting a blog isn’t easy. Most companies that start a blog fail to make it work and give up within a few weeks. So here is a comprehensive guide on how to start a blog that is sure to succeed:

  1. Add a blog program to your website.
  2. Write.
  3. Profit!

The step most companies struggle with is number 2. Writing is surprisingly difficult, and consistent writing – coming up with ideas, putting them into words, keeping those words professional – is even more so.

So besides handing all of your copywriting work over to Great Leap Studios, what’s the solution? Here are some tips to help you with your company blog.

Trick 1: Your Blog Doesn’t Need to Matter

There are plenty of companies that put their blog in the middle of their homepage so that anyone and everyone that visits the site can see all of the adequate writing they’ve completed. You don’t necessarily need to run your blog this way. You can put a link to your blog somewhere not as prominent on your website, so that the content of your website isn’t necessarily going to make or break your business. Then you can use the blog as a way to build pages, not as a way to get people reading your website regularly.

You still have to write professionally (people can still read this, after all), and you still need to develop content regularly, but you vastly reduce the pressure on your business to come up with fun and interesting topics. Instead, you can focus on simply creating content – talking about your business, relating success stories, sharing tips about the industry, etc.

Of course, a blog that shares extremely useful information that can be of interest to anyone is more useful, but it’s also more difficult to create consistently interesting content. If you’re concerned about the number of fascinating topics available and your ability to cover them, a blog that is hidden away for the sake of search engine optimization can work too.

Trick 2: Write Posts in Advance All At Once

One of the reasons we offer content packages at Great Leap Studios is because it’s easier for us to write a lot of content for one topic all at once rather than write an article a day. As a writer, it’s easy to get into a flow when you’re writing about only one topic. If we constantly had to switch back and forth between topics, we’d write much slower as we try to develop the mindset and the word recall for each topic.

You can follow the same strategy. Sit down for a day or a week and write out as many posts as you possibly can, dedicating that time to nothing but writing. Then either set up those posts in advance or copy and paste them every day. The content is already developed, and you’re ready for your blog to run for a while.

Trick 3: Writing About FAQs or Customer Questions, etc.

Looking for more ideas? Another route you can take is to dedicate blog posts to frequently asked questions, or respond to customers or comments. This makes your blog far more interactive, and – perhaps most importantly – it gives your blog authority. Every time you answer a question for someone as a knowledgeable expert, you’re showing them that you have wisdom, and that they can benefit from seeking out your knowledge (and products, and services, etc.).

Trick 4: Feature Things

Imagine you run an antique shop and you want to start a blog. Conceivably you can talk about antiques, antiquing, and various interesting tidbits about the stuff you find, but it’s easy to not feel inspired, turning the act of writing into a chore. A solution for the antique shop would be to simply feature a product. Use a nice camera, take a good photo of something in the store, place the photo on the blog and throw in some details.

That method gives you added content, without taking much time or mental energy. Businesses that offer all sorts of products and services can do this regularly and without much difficulty. There doesn’t have to be anything special about the product either. All you have to do is call it a “featured product” and type out some information. Suddenly you have content and better keywords for search engines.

Running a Blog

The above list represents just a few potential ideas you can use to keep your blog going and continue to add pages and improve your SEO. Blogs are one of the easiest ways to promote your business, but only if you can keep them updated regularly and continue to post unique content that drives your website up in search engines. Use the above tricks to keep you going, or contact Great Leap Studios to let us handle all of your SEO needs.


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