How to Make Your Content Better Than Your Competitors

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Content marketing is quickly becoming the most widely recognized key to online marketing success. Soon, nearly every company that wants to create a viable web presence is going to be investing in content writing in order to enhance their company’s page rank. Once that happens, the question becomes: how can you make sure that your content is more valuable, so that search engines still rank you higher than someone else that is also investing in content.

It doesn’t matter how many pages another company has invested in – you can always beat them if you make smart choices with your content marketing. The key is the following:

  • Uniqueness

Your content needs to be written from scratch, using someone that knows how to craft unique and interesting content from information that has been published before. Search engines value unique content, and the clearer it is that your website was designed independent of your competitors, the better your website will place. There are other benefits to this as well, including natural keywords, that will also improve your effectiveness in search.

  • Quality

The sad truth in the content marketing world is that most content is clearly of low quality. Companies are generally risk averse with content investments, instead putting most of their money towards website upgrades and Adwords that will have no effect on long term sales. High content quality will always improve your ability to overtake your competitors in online search.

  • Entertainment/Value

Concerned that your competitors’ content is already of high enough quality? Then find other ways to make your content more interesting, in order to generate natural backlinks. For example, write your content in a humorous tone, or make your content as lengthy and detailed as possible so that it’s a genuine resource for those looking for information. These don’t directly improve your SEO on their own, but they do attract more incoming links which, in turn, will boost your pagerank.

  • Product Quality

The goal of creating content is so that people have the opportunity to find and purchase your products and services. Once they do, your product and services will also help boost your pagerank, because customers and clients that use your company will see that your website is valuable, see that your product is valuable, and spread the word about it in a way that is beneficial for SEO. Without content, your company would likely receive less of a benefit. But natural incoming links to a website that is full of content is guaranteed to help you beat your competitors.

  • Other Routes

Finally, there are always other routes to take in order to attract new business – routes that your competitors will not have discovered themselves, or that they are unable to use themselves, like with local search. Target different audiences and look for market inefficiencies in order to draw in potential clients that would otherwise have been lost.

Building a Complete Website

Not only is there already tremendous value in content marketing – there will always be tremendous value in content marketing, and the sooner you start, the more likely you’ll get an edge on your competition. The best way to ensure that you beat your competitors is to start investing in content now, so that your strategies will be able to pay off, and your competitors will be looking up to you, not the other way around.

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    Micah Abraham is the owner and lead content writer at Great Leap Studios ( and High Volt Digital (
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