Is Great Leap Studios Google Panda Friendly?

Is Great Leap Studios Google Panda Friendly?

Is Great Leap Studios Google Panda Friendly? 150 150 Great Leap Studios


But we’ll elaborate. Google Panda is a widely misunderstood yet surprisingly easy to understand algorithm change. Rather than get into complexities, the best way to understand Google Panda is by what occurred when the change took place:

  • Poor quality writing was punished for being poor quality.
  • Stolen writing was punished for being stolen.
  • Spun writing was punished for being spun.

The goal of Google’s algorithm has always been to find the highest quality results for each keyword. Their original algorithm simply looked for “good enough” grammar, a breadth of information, incoming links, and keywords, among other things.

Content farms and websites that outsourced their copywriting to low cost providers took advantage of these lax rules. They created poor quality content, stole content from other websites, and churned out content as quickly as possible. Rather than reward quality websites, the websites that received the greatest rewards were those that simply churned out content like a factory – caring little about quality, readability, or information.

Google Panda, using whatever tools Google uses to turn quality writing into a mathematical formula, added filters that did a better job of locating “bad writing.” It punished websites that clearly lifted most of their content from better websites (either literally, in the sense that the content was stolen, or figuratively, where the content was copied in a manner that, while not word for word, essentially read as an identical article). It also stopped rewarding websites for lower quality writing, and punished websites that keyword stuffed without offering quality information.

How Great Leap Studios is Different

If your website suffered as a result of Google Panda, choosing a higher quality provider can be advantageous. At Great Leap Studios, all of our content is written from scratch. If we need to research the content, at most we’ll use other websites as an informative reference, but never as a writing reference. We already know how to craft quality content, and your website will always perform well.

Google Panda punished a lot of websites. Rather than cut corners to try to refill your web content will low quality work, contact Great Leap Studios and let us show you the difference that quality content writing can make.