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“Storage Wars” has changed an entire industry. Not only has it drawn attention to storage auctions and the value of storage buying – it has also brought more attention on storage itself, and the ability to rent storage lockers to house your extra belongings.

Storage rentals may not seem like a “company” in the traditional sense, but their profit margin still has a lot to do with their ability to rent out spaces and attract more customers. That’s why it represents yet another industry that should strongly consider a content marketing and SEO plan.

Value in Storage SEO and Online Marketing

One might argue that storage rental is more of a passive industry. Customers usually come to them, rent a space, and then continue to rent it indefinitely. Most storage properties depend on local need, attracting business through a large sign and word of mouth.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. For a low initial investment, it’s possible to take a far more active approach to marketing your storage units – one that will ensure that your units are always rented.

To illustrate, I ran a quick search for three different keywords:

  • Staten Island Storage
  • Merced Storage
  • San Francisco Storage

Staten Island is a large borough in New York of nearly 500,000 people but not known for being technologically advanced. Merced is a small city in California of only about 80,000. San Francisco is, of course, one of the largest cities in the country and extremely tech oriented. I found the following numbers, in terms of searchers per month:

  • Staten Island – 1,500
  • Merced – 800
  • San Francisco – 9,900

That’s per month, not per year. That’s essentially anywhere from 800 to 10,000 potential renters, for only a single keyword. There are also countless other keywords that can be targeted to increase those numbers dramatically.

That’s substantial, and it’s an industry that is rarely targeted in terms of online marketing, website building, and SEO. Not only can you advertise your storage services, but you can advertise any auctions, truck rentals, moving supplies, specials, new storage locations, etc. – all for less investment than a couple of newspaper ads.

Storage SEO Investments

Self-Storage marketing is a simple and effective way to make sure that your storage property is always rented. There is no such thing as an industry that cannot benefit from online marketing, and the storage industry is no exception. Contact us today to find out more about storage marketing, as well as how our website partnerships may be to your benefit.


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