eBook Creation: How it Helps Your Business

One of the services we offer here at Great Leap Studios is eBook development. Essentially, these are books that are usually 1/5th to 1/3rd the length of a traditional paperback on a topic related to your company.

Most people are aware of eBooks, since they’ve gained considerable popularity in recent years. But generally eBooks are thought to fall into one of two categories:

  • Kindle Style eBooks – These are “professional” eBooks that are available to download on the Kindle or Nook. It should be noted that anyone – including your company – can create an eBook of any length and place it on the Kindle platform, but most people see these as digital downloads of their favorite novels and non-fiction reads.
  • Cheap Spam eBooks – The other category that people tend to place eBooks in are those cheap, spam-style eBooks you see on the web. For example: “How to Live Forever With Traditional Hmong Herbs!” These types of eBooks generally cost almost $50 or more and read poorly. They’re there to make money, and although some of them might still be useful, they’re not considered professional or business related in the slightest.

These two categories do not exactly scream “professional organization,” which is why most companies see our eBook writing services as something solely for internet marketers and professional authors. But eBooks can also be used by companies that recognize their value.

How eBook Writing Services Help the Modern Business

First, it should be noted that even though the two categories above don’t seem to be business related, they still can be. Even the most professional organization may find that they have a money making idea that could stand to be sold via eBook, and even we at Great Leap Studios have short eBooks on Kindle that we created. eBooks can always be profitable or a good marketing tool for your business.

But beyond that, what eBooks do provide is an informative download that brands your business to visitors on your website. The main value of business eBook creation comes from the potential to capture email addresses.

Email Capture and eBooks

When someone visits your website, you want a way to keep in touch with them. You don’t want them to simply come to your website, read your articles, and leave. You want to start a relationship that will keep them coming back. It doesn’t matter what type of products or services you offer – you want to start a relationship with every person that visits your site, and the more that you can keep in touch with, the better.

Companies can create eBooks that interest potential visitors, and then offer that eBook for digital download provided the user enters in some bit of information – usually an email address. Once the email is entered, the person’s information is then captured, and can be used to contact them in the future.

eBooks are essentially your method of creating lists of potential users, while simultaneously offering something valuable enough that it gives the visitor faith that you know what you’re doing so that they contact you in the future. Many companies have found significant success by offering a professional eBook for immediate download.

Other Benefits

In addition, eBooks can simply be used as yet another way to make money (charging for your eBook), or as a way of marketing your company and services (hoping your eBook spreads, thus improving the reach and brand of your business). eBooks can easily be a valuable tool for your business to consider, despite the stigma they have online.


  • Micah Abraham

    Micah Abraham is the owner and lead content writer at Great Leap Studios (https://GreatLeapStudios.com) and High Volt Digital (https://HighVoltDigital.com).
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    Micah lives with his family in California.

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